I feel reborn after the IBC Rejuvenation Program; I am "jet-propelled; I am bubbling with energy and optimism. My brain is focused and works better than any young adult's that I know, even though I am just short of my 74th birthday. My complexion glows with health. I have lost wrinkles. I feel and look younger. This time I even visited the in-house plastic surgeon for a much-needed shot of Botox for a frown line on the forehead from squinting too many hours at the computer screen.

I want to go every year for cell transplantation that makes me younger and healthier, but I had to wait longer because of finances. I scrimp and save and borrow money to be able to go: the treatment is an investment in my working long-past retirement; I cannot afford to retire.

Before the treatment I was getting flu and embarassing cold sores on my mouth. I tired easily, had no "get-up-and-go," had aches and pains, and was depressed.

The Rejuvenation Program even includes a a "tune up," a complete complete medical check-up and blood work-up. My doctor discusses with me test results, so that I can take action to avoid major health problems. He puts me in charge of my health. I know that if I become ill and am forced to resort to American government-mandated "disease" care, I will only get sicker and sicker. Conventional medical care does not treat the cause of disease, it medicates symptoms. Now that Obama Care is in place, the system is overwhelmed by the newly insured and, according to expert opinion, will soon bankrupt the United States of America. Access will become like the Canadian "one-payer" and British system, where the sick are placed on waiting lists.

IBC practices a revolutionary approach to medicine. Treatment is designed to allow the body to heal itself. A patien's health is restored. Don't just dismiss my opinions. I am living on borrowed time.

IBC saved my life 30 years ago. Instead of declining as I get older, I keep getting better and better with the help of my IBC doctor, who for years has been my primary-care physician. IBC provides all-inclusive medical care with a range of services, in addition to the clinic's treatment programs: state-of the-art imaging and laboratory testing, dental, chiropractic, acupuncture, plastic surgery and professional skin care. If a service is not available in-house, a driver from the clinic will take you and pick you up. Carmen or Teresa will even book a massage or hair appointment across the street from the clinic. I am really on vacation and enjoy being waited on. It is as if I were at an expensive spa: I am offered wonderful orginically-grown fresh fruit and vegetables to eat and being pampered by the staff, as my overall health is improved.


I remember the day clearly, a day that would change the course of my life forever, in October, 1996 when I was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called esthesioneuroblastoma. There was very little information or data about esthesioneuroblastoma at the time, and roughly 300 cases had been documented at the time. The otolaryngologist at the Kaiser HMO in Hayward, California who had made the initial diagnosis referred me to a well-respected head and neck surgeon at Kaiser's HMO in Redwood City, California, and after several more rounds of cat scans, MRIs and other tests we agreed that a cranial facial resection procedure followed by radiation would be the best path to take. As this had been my first experience with a life threatening disease, my main concern was to remove the tumor as soon as possible and return to as normal a life as quickly as possible. I wanted to be cured of cancer. Knowing that the tumor discovered along the left olfactory nerve was not growing quickly provided some momentary relief. Surgery was scheduled several weeks later in early December, 1996. I was still not quite at peace with this decision.

A few weeks later in November, 1996 I sought a second opinion at the tumor board at Stanford University's medical school on the recommendation of some friends who were knowledgeable about this facility. The specialists at Stanford told me about another less invasive surgical procedure to remove the tumor that had a much better chance of preserving my sense of smell and sense of taste. The cranial facial resection would, unfortunately, result in the total loss of smell while ensuring removal of the entire tumor. The Stanford specialists could not guarantee their procedure would completely remove the tumor but assured me that most of my sense of smell and taste would be preserved. Was my ability to smell and taste important enough to risk not removing the tumor entirely, or could I live the rest of my life not being able to smell anything and only being able to detect salt, sweet, bitter and sour flavors on my tongue? I also discovered that my health insurance with Kaiser HMO would not cover treatment provided by Stanford Medical School. If I paid out of pocket, the total cost would have been close to $100,000.00 USD.

Several days passed and then I received a call from Kaiser's Redwood City scheduling office in which they informed me that they wanted to reschedule the surgery for February, 1997. When I asked why, the scheduler told me that the doctors working on my case would be out on vacation and other activities for the next couple of months. Despite feeling a sense of urgency to deal with the cancer as soon as practical, I told the scheduler to let me know as soon as possible if there were any changes in the doctors' schedules. There was no sense in getting upset as this would have only elevated my stress levels. This was not a good sign and I felt as if I were starting to fall through the cracks of a large medical system and would soon be an afterthought.

A few days later, a good friend at work told me about a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico that was having good success in treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. My friend's younger sister worked there. I had the good fortune of speaking with Dr. Michael Culbert, the hospital's chief information officer at the time, by phone for about an hour. Even though the hospital did not have any experience with esthesioneuroblastoma per se, Dr. Culbert's argument was that cancer, regardless of how it expresses itself in the body, is the direct result of a disorder in the body's immune system. It did not matter if it were breast cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

What was important to recognize was that there was something wrong with the immune system and that Bio Care Hospital approach was to help stabilize and strengthen the patient's immune system, thus enabling the patient to manage the cancer and live a life of good quality. While a complete cure of cancer is completely possible, Dr. Culbert did not ever use the word "cure" during our discussion. No "silver bullets" were ever proffered by Dr. Culbert or any other member of the Bio Care Hospital doctors and nurses.

Bio Care Hospital took an integrative approach-dealing with the patient in his or her entirety on physical, emotional and spiritual levels--that is non-toxic and as non-invasive as possible to treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. After thinking more deeply about Dr. Culbert's argument and doing more research on integrative medicine, I decided that the integrative approach as practiced at Bio Care Hospital made much more sense as it would strengthen the body's own ability to heal itself to the best of its ability. Standard allopathic treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation would always be available in the event that the integrative approach failed. My objective changed from cure to management of cancer by strengthening my immune system as much as possible.

My first stay at Bio Care Hospital began as an outpatient shortly before Christmas, 1996 when my wife, son and I drove from northern California to Tijuana and stayed initially at the Americana Motel in San Ysidro. We decided to undergo the hospital's 3 ½ week long cancer crisis program that would involve daily treatment. One of the hospital's drivers would kindly pick us and other patients up and transport us to the hospital Monday-Saturday. After a week of traveling back and forth across the border, we wisely decided to stay in one of the very clean and comfortable apartments adjacent to the hospital, and thus avoid the stress and strain of slow moving traffic across the border.

My daily treatment regimen included a customized mixture of EDTA chelation, live cell therapy, dioxychlor, DMSO, amygdalin and Ukraine. We ate delicious vegetarian meals prepared by the hospital's expert cooks and nutritionists. It is critical to note the importance that Bio Care Hospital placed on proper diet and nutrition including supplementation. Keeping the digestive tract as clean as possible is a major part of successful treatment of patients at Bio Care Hospital.

The nursing staff at Bio Care Hospital was without equal. All are well trained and attend seminars and conferences every year to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with the latest practices and technologies. Elias Gutierrez, the head nurse in the hospital's outpatient clinic, deserves special mention. Elias has a certain magic that makes all patients smile and feel at peace. He also has the ability to find and place catheters into veins of the arms of some patients who have already undergone long rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in the US. In many cases, radiation and chemotherapy cause veins to recede, thus making it very difficult to locate them and insert catheters. I have been in some hospitals in the US and in Asia in which the phlebotomist jabs the needle into a patient's arm or wrist up to a dozen times before finding an adequate vein. The pain and aggravation are maddening. Elias is customarily successful on his first or second attempt of locating an adequate vein and getting a catheter properly seated.

After the initial stay at Bio Care Hospital, I felt a huge improvement in my health and well-being. Ongoing blood and urine tests indicated that I was well on the path to getting in control of the cancer. My doctor at the time, Dr. Jose Luis Burgos, and I decided that I would return again in 6 weeks for a quick booster including some measurements of the tumor to see if any shrinkage had occurred.

By June, 1997, I was feeling very good, and while the tumor showed no signs of further growth, it was still there. After several discussions with the head and neck surgeon at Kaiser HMO in Redwood City and Dr. Burgos at Bio Care Hospital, I decided to go through with the originally planned cranial facial resection to remove the tumor. Surgery was scheduled for July, 1997. The procedure lasted 12 hours and I was moved several times to various departments within the intensive care unit over the next 3 days. The surgery team, which included the head and neck surgeon, a neurologist and an oncologist, had planned for me to be hospitalized for 14 days following surgery. By the end of the 6th day, I was ready to be released from the Kaiser Redwood hospital because I was healing so quickly.

The doctors were baffled and could only scratch their heads. But I knew the reason I was healing so quickly was because of the treatments I had received at Bio Care Hospital. Michael Culbert would later validate this experience with some of his own.

Several weeks later I began a 5 week program of radiation therapy as this was known to be effective for esthesioneuroblastoma post operatively. Standard chemotherapy was not required. At the same time, I continued to visit Bio Care Hospital to help counter any side effects of radiation and keep my immune system functioning at as high a level as possible. My treatment regimen was modified slightly to include primarily EDTA chelation and live cell therapy. Due to all of the health benefits received at Bio Care Hospital, I made the commitment to return at least once per year for an immune system booster lasting 6-7 days. Sometimes I return twice per year. I will make time to do this for the rest of my life. The reason is simple: the treatments I receive are helping to extend my life and the quality of my life. I have also met some of the most interesting and fascinating people in my life during my stays at International Biocare Hospital. Each has an amazing story to tell about their struggles in the US health care system, how they discovered Bio Care Hospital and the improvements they saw in their health after being at this great hospital.

In summary, I cannot thank Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, the original founder of International Bio Care Hospital, enough for his long-term vision to help people extend their lives and live more fully. He is a great leader in the field of integrative medicine, and the loyalty, compassion and kindness that he shows to his staff everyday is reflected in the warmth and deep care that each patient individually receives because no two patients are ever alike. And therein lies the key to the success of International Bio Care Hospital—each patient is treated as an individual with unique needs. And they are treated with respect, uncommon kindness and great care.

I would also like to thank my doctor, Dr. Javier Vazquez, for the ongoing and inspiring care he has provided me for many years. I also express my gratitude to Drs. Park and Chavarin. And last but certainly not least, I thank Sergio for always meeting me at San Diego Airport at some of the most inconvenient times to take me across the border to International Bio Care Hospital. To Socorro, Carmen, Enedelia, Elias, Juan, Teresa, Rene, Julio, Miguel, Jesus, Victor, Juan, Jorge, Angela, Maria Elena and Lupe, I am eternally grateful to each of you for helping keep me alive and pushing forward in life.

June G.

From North Carolina, a proud grandmother of 3 beautiful children was told that she might not get to witness the birth of her first grandchild, the doctors said that she had very few months to live when she heard from a friend that there was still hope, this is her story…. In 1987 I found 2 lumps in my breast and that began a different kind of life for me, I went to Duke and found cancer in the breast, liver and lymphatic system, I went through surgery and extensive extensive chemo we'll after the chemo they gave me a bunch of minerals and vitamins and said well in 3 months you are gonna feel a lot better in 3 months I was so weak I could hardly give myself a bath about this time we learned that we were expecting my first grandchild in September, well you know of course I wanted to be there for that and the doctors had given me about six months so I set sail and went to Bethesda hoping that somebody would give a little bit of hope, two weeks later the doctors from Bethesda told me that no, they had nothing else in fact I had so much chemo they did not know how was I alive, but they did not think that I would live to September, then a friend of mine heard about a Doctor in Greece who was having some luck with cancer patients, like most dumb americans I said you know that if there’s anything like that we would have it here… wrong we have nothing here, but there are cures for and treatment to make it better if they can’t cure you all over the world get on the internet and find it whatever kind of problem you’ve got the is promise of help out there somewhere. So having not anywhere else to go I said what have I got to loose and went to Greece… Athens, Greece and saw a Dr. Alivizatos, well I stayed there 21 days and got well I stayed 22 days and got 21 treatments and he was a wonderful person he had his 94 years old father, so kind; well I still did not believe in it, but after 4 treatments I woke up that morning and felt like a load was lifted off my chest, I could breathe deep and I felt energized and for the first time I thought maybe there is something to this and maybe I am gonna make it, maybe I am gonna see the grand baby. Well at the end of the 21 treatments I felt so good compared to what I have felt like, in fact I went on my last days there I went 4 miles up a mountain to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. Well I came home and the doctor told me before I left he said there is a place I have set in Mexico, a clinic that has this treatment and it will be a lot easier for you to go there and cheaper and so, in 89 I made my first trip to Mexico for booster shots, do not be afraid of Mexico, it is very safe, they will pick you up from the airport in San Diego you and your luggage right there, take you across the border to this clinic they have the nicest little apartments here for you, very reasonable, it is such a friendly hopeful place because you just spiritually everywhere you get so healed and they have this wonderful dining room which I am in right now, that cooks organic food that helps complement the medicine and make it work better and it is really good, if you are at that point in your life where you don’t have any time, don’t be afraid jump in and do it you will never be sorry I will guarantee you if you come down and ask for the Greek Treatment and they have lots of other treatments for other things too, come on down and learn what is like that baby is going to be 27 years old in septum and I have two more grandchildren that I love to death and enjoy every minute of it if you are not ready to give up on life don’t be afraid come down to Mexico with this wonderful friendly people who want so much to make you well and if they can’t make you well they will make your last months on this earth so much better promise you you will never be sorry, thank you.

Isolde Boutwell

I, Isolde Boutwell, hereby testify - so help me God - President of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the IACVF - That the International Bio Care Hospital is absolutely the very best clinic for alternative, complementary and integrative medicine. How many times have I heard - over the years - that this hospital is the best and superior to most other similar clinics, and these are the patients who told me that.

Due to my volunteer work with the "International Association of Cancer Victor's and friends, Palm Beach County Chapter", who I belong to since over 30 years, and soon after the first few years was elected president of the Association, I have hosted many famous national and international speakers holding lectures for our IACVF Palm Beach County Chapter,thus Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez M.D.

Co-founderof The International Bio Care Hospital and Health Center became one of our most treasured speakers, whom we always look forward to, to hear as our annual speaker in January.

His clinic/hospital is so hospitable and accommodating to all the patients and guests that there is no comparison to other clinics (words of patients not just mine) that it is no wonder that patients come back again and again, to get well and these patients do achieve their health again.

I, myself have recently developed some clogged arteries in the back of my neck, this with Dr. Rodriguez staff- of which every one of the doctors and nurses is always genuinely compassionate and helpful in every respect, the prescribed " Chelation and Vitamin IV application" has already made a fast progress in healing of my arteries.

Another plus of this clinic is that the companion (The husbands/wifes or mother/fathers) is always welcome to be with the patient. I surely don't know of any other place where this is possible. So, in other words- There is no better place than the "International Bio Care Hospital and Health Center" in Tijuana, Mexico and with Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, the Medical Consultant.

My special "Thank You" to all of you from all of us and once again, all my Love to everyone


Have you ever felt sick or just not yourself and your physicians tell you there is nothing wrong with you? That's the way it began some twenty years ago. I was later diagnosed with Systemic Candida. In a high state of toxicity and despair, I went to a homeopathic nutritionist who recommended that I call and make an appointment to see the doctors at Bio Care Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. I knew I was in need of alternative medical help that was beyond what I experienced in the states. I could not tolerate the smell of flowers or chemicals. I could not walk past a swimming pool without coming close to passing out or much less, having the candida get worse.

I needed desperate help from someone who understood a disease that was then not highly researched in the United States medical field. When I arrived I was treated with respect, love, and great care bythe nurses, the doctors, and staff. It was the beginning of a long road to healing, but I thank God every day for this Hospital, Clinic, and staff. There is no magic bullet. I have been back a number of times for treatment and cells to boost my immune system. After that first visit to the Hospital, it took me three months to get back to work on a part-time basis. Each time I returned to the hospital, I experienced a definite but gradual healing toward my ultimate goal of becoming well. There is hope for all of us.

That doesn't mean that there can never be interruptions in our goals. In 2005 while at the Bio Care Hospital, I was told that my heart appeared somewhat enlarged on an x-ray. Without the insight of Dr. Romero, followed by a quadruple heart bypass in the states, I would not be able to write this testimony. My highest recommendation for anyone suffering within the wide variety of diseases is to get the help of the International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. The physicians and nurses at the Hospital are well-trained in integrative medicines and alternative therapies.