The BioCare

BioCare is a way of life, a constant quest
to restore, regenerate and preserve
health; a complete new lifestyle rather
than a temporary remedy.

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  • Autoimmune degenerative disease

    We also treat all forms of chronic degenerative disease, chronic infections--CFS, Lyme, Hepatitis C--and auto-immune diseases--MS, Crohn's, arthritis.
  • Integrative Medicine

    We at BioCare Hospital understand the uniqueness of each patient at different stages of illness and have found that successive, individualized, integrative, restorative protocols are the way to success.
  • Special Preventive Wellness Programs

    We offer a special Preventive Wellness Programs to fight early signs of disease and aging and strive for healthy living and improved longevity.
  • The BioCare System

    Our approach seeks to restore and strengthen the biological capacities of the body to renew, repair, and heal, with specific emphasis on the immune system.

  • International BioCare Hospital & Wellness Center

    At International BioCare Hospital we apply an integrative approach to treating cancer where special attention is given to each patient’s individual condition; there is not a one size fits all approach here.

    We start with a full initial diagnostic assessment, recording the body’s resources and strengths and this is where we start planning each patient’s treatment.

    Effective hydration, nourishment and supplementation brings about optimum and prompt defenses and immunity. These will empower your natural defenses and unleash a chain reaction in your immune system to fight cancer.

    Intravenous nutrition and supplementation provide urgently needed results, energy boost and enhanced well-being.

    Tracing and treating sources of opportunistic infections: Dental and intestinal health dysfunctions are commonly responsible for depletion of immune capacity.

    Increasing oxygen intake and distribution to the body, with physical activity and breathing exercises Oxygen therapies deliver increased amounts of this life-giving element especially beneficial to healing.

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