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Toll free number: 1-800-701-7345
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Join us for our free Health and Education Seminars. All seminars are open to the public and free of charge and each session will include a presentation and time for questions

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Our Facilities

We strive to make a home-away-fom-home and provide you with comfortable and pristine areas to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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For over four decades International Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center has put into practice an integrative, holistic approach in restoring health and promoting healthy aging. Educating and sharing healthy lifestyle information is a focal point of our philosphy.

* We treat all forms of chronic, degenerative disease: cancer, chronic infections--CFS, Lyme, Hepatitis C--and auto-immune diseases--MS, Crohn's, arthritis.

* We have a proven track record of successful diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases, dysfunctions and traumas.

* We offer a special Preventive Wellness Programs to fight early signs of disease and aging and strive for healthy living and improved longevity.

Our integrative model of treatment combines proven conventional and alternative modalities, and the latest treatments from international biomedical research and clinical practice.

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