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Bio Care Hospital and Health Center has always actively pursued integrative complementary programs that bring balance to the body as a path to health.

Stem Cell Therapy transplantation not only proves the correctness of our belief but reinforces our integrative, individualized complementary protocols that fully support the well-being, good nutritional status, freedom from toxins and opportunistic infections, as the underlying foundation for any long-term successful program.

The well-being, integrity and health of the host is a pre-condition that helps the transplanted stem cells to reach the damaged area in higher concentrations, making the therapy far more efficient.

After the initial evaluation and management, a harvesting date and site will be decided according to the patient's individual complementary protocols. The patient's blood is drawn and his own (autologous) cells are used reintroduced.


The clear advantages for the use of autologous stem cells are many. Here we mention some of the most important:
— Javier Vazquez, MD.

Rejection of transplanted cells or graft-versus- host disease is not present since your own cells are used, and for this reason donor-recipient matching is not necessary.

Using adult stem cells overcomes the ethical concerns raised by the use of human embryonic tissues.

Adult stem cells do not pose the risk of stem- cell-induced tumorigenic abnormal replication that has been reported in some cases with embryonic cells.

Self harvested products do not bear the possible transfer of viral infections, drug induced disease, or any other blood borne complication.Transplanted cells show anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory activity which can regulate the immune system, as well as suppress abnormal immune reactions. They can also differentiate into different tissue phenotypes depending on the local biochemical signals.

Stem cell types:

Hematopoietic stem cells:

Also known as autologous blood-derived stem/progenitor cells are obtained from circulating blood from which pheresis, a standard blood bank procedure, separates the stem cells from other blood components that can be transfused back to the patient.

Bone marrow stem cells:

A rich source of high quality stem cells is the bone marrow, which offers one of the most sought after sources due to the abundance of cells, high efficacy and practicality of the method.

Mesenchymal stem cell:

These cells are extracted from the body fat, requiring a liposuction type of procedure that yields a good dosage of high quality stem cells.

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